In the Kobo-AG working group the representatives of HRZ and University Administration get together to shape and optimise administrative processes at TU Darmstadt on an operative and strategic level.

Kobo-AG and its use for IT&P

The IT Coordination Meeting, Kobo-AG and IT Coordination Board working groups look at the requirements process from different points of view, with each working group playing a specific role. The Kobo-AG works on guidelines and structures that help transform strategic objectives into operative tasks. The expectations of all parties involved regarding project organisation and roles are considered in particular.

In work meetings, strategic decisions made by the IT Coordination Board and their actual implementation down the road can be aligned. This working group is consequently a major contributor for managing requirements and projects.


The Kobo-AG consists of

  • Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Verena Anthofer (Head of Applications Unit, HRZ)
  • Meike Gührig (IT & Process Management)
  • Dorothee Krohberger-Stock (Head of IT & Process Management)
  • Dr. Susanne Offenbartl (responsible for digitalisation, HRZ)
  • Dipl.-Päd. Irina Reuter (HRZ)
  • Volker Röder (IT & Process Management)
  • Leif Pullich (HRZ)

Communication and documentation

Communication primarily takes place during the meetings. All members of the IT Coordination Meeting working group can participate.

Meeting results are documented in minutes.

Important dates

Working group members usually meet every second Wednesday of a month. The meetings usually take about 30 minutes.

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