Communication channels of IT and Process Management

The Staff Unit for IT and Process Management coordinates the working groups managing specific requirements and processes at TU Darmstadt; it also participates in administrative bodies of the university administration. The graphic shows in an overview how the working groups and administrative bodies interact:

An overview of the tasks, members and addressees of various administrative bodies is listed below.

For more information about working groups directed by IT and Process Management, please follow the links listed in the table below:

Communication matrix

WHAT is to be communicated? HOW? BY WHOM? WHEN? TO WHOM?
Administrative bodies Content Information tool Responsible information provider Date/frequency Addressees
IT_AK zv Channelling zV requirements and projects OneNote, PowerPoint ITuP Monthly IT Coordination, IT-AK zV, Directorate Mgmt.
IT-K-Meeting Coordinating and agreeing on HRZ / zV IT topics OneNote, minutes, PowerPoint Participants (ITuP, HRZ) Every two weeks IT-AK zV, possibly KoBo-AG or HRZ or IT-K-Board, IT Coordination
IT-K-Board Specifying requirements and strategy for HRZ / zV on top-management level Office, minutes of meeting ITuP / HRZ alternating Every three months IT-AK zV, ITuP, IT-K-Board
KoBo-AG Monitoring the status of HRZ / zV tasks Excel, Word files Participants (ITuP, HRZ) Every month, 30 minutes only IT-K-Board, IT-AK zV, HRZ via IT Coordination
UAK Prio. Prioritising list of meeting results Mind map, PowerPoint UAK Prio. As necessary Directorate Mgmt, IT-AK zV, IT-K-Board, UAK Prio.
SAP Comp. Team Specifying, coordinating and agreeing on SAP topics OneNote SAP coordinators Every six weeks SAP Comp. Team, Directorate Mgmt., CCHH, IT-AK zV, IT-K-Board, Kanzler
Circle of Directors Reporting, coordinating, agreeing and deciding within zV PPT, (Wordfile) ITuP Monthly Directorate Mgmt., Kanzler