IT Coordination Meeting

During the IT Coordination Meetings, the Customer Service of the HRZ and the IT & Process Management of the University Administration jointly work on IT topics concerning the administration of TU Darmstadt. The IT Coordination Meeting working group deals with the structuring and optimisation of administrative processes and increasingly also of their digitalisation on an operative basis. The members of the Coordination Meeting working group ensure the necessary exchange of information between all parties involved.

The IT Coordination Meeting working group aims to direct and bring current requirements and projects to a successful conclusion through good project and requirements management. To that end, the HRZ aims to continuously improve its workplace support for University Administration employees and staff in particular.

As a direct interface between IT and Process Management and the HRZ, this working group improves the collaboration between the University Administration and the HRZ.

objectives IT Coordination Meeting
objectives IT Coordination Meeting

The IT Coordination Meeting assists and coordinates the respective organisational units during the development or optimisation process to ensure efficient project implementation. In doing so, the working group keeps both users and developers in mind and focusses on routine business in particular. In addition, the IT-Coordination Meeting also works out proposals for solutions to ensure useful communication and to connect interfaces.


The IT Coordination Meeting consists of

  • Meike Gührig (IT & Process Management)
  • Dorothee Krohberger-Stock (Head of IT & Process Management)
  • Dr. Susanne Offenbartl (responsible for digitalisation, HRZ)
  • Dipl.-Päd. Irina Reuter (HRZ)
  • Volker Röder (IT & Process Management)

Communication and documentation

Communication primarily takes place during the meetings. All members of the IT Coordination Meeting working group can participate. All information relevant for the respective meeting will be passed on to the IT working group of zV, the Kobo-AG working group and the IT Coordination Board. The IT Coordination Meeting working group manages the requirements list which provides an overview of all requirements and contributes to the transparency of the requirements process.

Important dates

The members of the IT Coordination Meeting meet every Wednesday. The meetings usually take about 2 hours.

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