IT Coordination Board zV/HRZ

The IT Coordination Board is a working group that structurally mirrors the collaboration between zV and HRZ on the top management level. In addition to strategic topics, the requirements management is an important part of the working group’s tasks. It accompanies, directs and promotes the requirements from initial idea to project completion. The working group also deals with improving the IT services for the University Administration continuously and is the central point of contact for all IT matters concerning both the University Administration and the HRZ.

The IT Coordination Board promotes the IT advancement and digitalisation of administrative processes (IT governance) by regularly communicating, agreeing on and monitoring the progress and development of IT requirements and IT projects. It is an integral part of the requirements and project management of the University Administration and HRZ. Together the board decides on IT requirements that either the University Administration has pre-prioritised or that still need to be prioritised. It also decides in which order these IT requirements should be implemented.

Tasks and objectives IT Coordination Board
Tasks and objectives IT Coordination Board

Within the IT Coordination Board, key indicators regarding workstation support are reported regularly, which promotes structured and continuous optimisation. The University Administration will continue to address strategically relevant IT topics in this administrative body that will then be agreed upon and may become tasks for downstream administrative bodies, such as the Kobo-AG or IT Coordination Meeting working groups.


The IT Coordination Board consists of

  • Dr. Matthias Adam (Director of Directorate I)
  • Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Verena Anthofer (Head of Applications Unit, HRZ)
  • Dorothee Krohberger-Stock (Head of IT & Process Management)
  • Dr. Susanne Offenbartl (responsible for digitalisation, HRZ)
  • Professor Dr.-Ing. Peter Pelz (Vice President for Digitalization, Sustainabilty and Infrastructure))
  • Dipl.-Päd. Irina Reuter (HRZ)
  • Volker Röder (IT & Process Management)
  • Dipl.-Kffr. Anna Schindler (Provisional Head of HRZ)
  • Stefan Weisenseel (Deputy Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs and Director of Directorate VII)
  • Dr. Martin Lommel (Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs)

Communication and documentation

Communication primarily takes place during the meetings and via a shared directory structure. All members of the IT Coordination Board can participate. Minutes are available for all directorate managements and the IT working group of zV.

Important dates

Members of the working groups meet once per quarter year. The meetings usually take about 2 hours.

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