Doctoral candidates: Online Registration / Enrolment in TUCaN

For starting a PhD at the TU Darmstadt, an online registration is obligatory, whereas the enrollment as student is optional.

Please follow the entire procedure for your acceptance as a doctoral candidate.

Registration / Enrollment in TUCaN

If you have already studied at TU Darmstadt, please use your TU-ID to login. Otherwise, please create a new account .

After logging in, click on Application (1), then on My Application (2) and then enter the details of your university entrance eligibility (3).

On the next page you will find the search criteria at the bottom. There you select your subject and PhD/doctoral studies as degree type.

On the following results page, select registration WITH enrollment (“enrolling”) or WITHOUT enrollment (“registering”), then click on Apply (apply means then also register) and follow the further instructions.

At the end of the process, you can print the document Deckblatt oder Antrag Einschreibung/Registrierung (Cover Sheet or Application Enrollment/Registration).